Dragon Age Inquisition PC Freezing on Main Menu?

First off the game runs perfectly on my system and I have no trouble with the game in itself. I just noticed that trying to change a few settings on the main menu like lets say keyboard binding will cause the mouse to stop working and then the background music to stop. Most of the times I can’t do anything and will just alt-tab-del out and then re-open it again. Anybody else running into the same issues? It usually occurs if I wait on the main menu for too long after signing into the Dragon Keep servers. Hmm, I haven’t had it freeze on the main menu, but it did freeze once when going through benchmark.

Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch in Windows 10

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Dragon Age Inquisition proves BioWare can go big and still be BioWare The Masterchief Collection’s matchmaking issues likely stem from the fact that the.

Last chance to catch this awesome VPN deal: 1. Surfshark VPN comes with the following features:. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third installment game of the Dragon Age series which was released in The game involves players choosing a player character known as inquisitor through a quest to close a mysterious hole in the sky known as the Breach.

The role-playing action game was developed by BioWare Edmonton and released by E. A games.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Issue -FIX!

May – last edited May Nope, I have tried this on two diffrent computers today, both on different ISPs with the exact same result. Not to mention, it was working abotu half the time BEFORE the patch but isn’t working at all now for a good number of people. But I’ll go back to my “third rate” ISP. This really isn’t BioWare’s or EA’s issue. May

I’d try using wired connection, or downloading it via pc then transfering it.. iirc the loading loop was the only problem i ran into playing this game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available on the major platforms, but sadly with a number of bugs and errors. IF you are having issues with the game, here is a guide on some issues with Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you are having one of the famous vintage issue of DirectX, the very first solution is to update or reinstall DirectX. A brand new install will also solve a host of problems which you were facing.

If the issue persists, check for any new Windows Updates, reboot, and try again. If you are having launch issues in Dragon Age: Inquisition, try to run the game as administrator, this will solve the problems for most of you.

5 most annoying types of players in Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer

I bet this wasn’t what you were expecting from Dragon Age: Inquisition. For real? It’s happening, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions. Hey, hey, hey. Hold on there buddy. I’ve got all of the details on the new co-op multiplayer mode to help bring your worries to rest.

This page lists patches for Dragon Age: Inquisition and the issues they [Xbox One] Fixed unnecessary “online connection” popup at game launch; [PS4] Fixed​.

Scene – If they don’t break even with their initial projections, then obviously thats pretty bad business and so the project would likely have been shut down with the whole DA2 debacle. Publishers very rarely purchases teams on the way down, thats also bad business. Not going to happen. You have got your monies worth already and it’s not like they are shutting down the servers. That’s more than value for money right there even if it closed tomorrow on PS4.

Many games don’t break even in the first quarter, Tomb Raider didn’t break even till a year after launch A successful and critically acclaimed IP and they were already working on the second installment. You might be hitting sales projections in the first quarter, doesn’t mean you’ll be hitting them 2nd, 3rd or 4. Can we for a solid three seconds stop with the hostility? As Billy said, just because you don’t like the answer you were given, doesn’t mean that it’s a cop out of an answer or a not legible answer.

These people work their assess off to make games and interact with fans, only to be yelled at for something they weren’t even responsible for, and you people just slander it all as if you are getting paid for it. If you’re this angry with BioWare that you choose to send threats to the devs over an economical decision, make it easier on everyone and deactivate your account.

It’s not cool, it doesn’t make anyone feel better.

Imagine dragons: Dragon Age Inquisition review | Technobubble

Having downloaded the twenty-five something gigabyte game I was excited to begin testing. Things were looking good, the game had a solid built-in benchmark that reflected in-game performance. Both runs went well and continued going well until our 9th GPU into testing. Doing exactly as we had done with success many times prior, we clicked on Dragon Age: Inquisition’s shortcut which opened up Origin and then the game.

Please try again later. Thinking there must have been something wrong with either the network or Internet connection, I investigated.

A lot of the people that were having problems have already moved on. That’s why the connection issue doesn’t seem to prevalent. You are also not helping anyone​.

Jump to navigation. I often wonder what the heck these people are doing. Are they off making a snack or taking a bio break? If so, why would they choose to do so immediately after entering a multiplayer lobby? These people are fortunately not as common as some of the other entries on this list but when they do show up, hoo boy do you know it.

The most distinctive trait of the Voice-Chat General is all in the name: they like to take charge and issue orders through their mics even before the match has begun. The ATP would rather continue racking up kills risking a group wipe instead of reviving downed teammates who are right next to them. Ever had a player run ahead and trigger the next section of a dungeon thus forcing the rest of the team to teleport to them while you ran back to do an optional treasure room?

Fortunately, not too many players are foolish enough to think that dropping group is a better strategy than simply seeing things through. Feel free to share them in the comments below! View the discussion thread. Video Game Reviews. Feb 12, The Voice-Chat General These people are fortunately not as common as some of the other entries on this list but when they do show up, hoo boy do you know it.

The making of Dragon Age: Inquisition

The story of Dragon Age: Inquisition follows a player character known as the Inquisitor on a journey to settle the civil unrest in the continent of Thedas and close a mysterious tear in the sky called the “Breach”, which is unleashing dangerous demons upon the world. The Inquisitor is viewed by some as the ‘chosen one’, as they have a ‘Mark’ on their hand capable of closing the Breach. The Inquisitor assembles the titular Inquisition in an attempt to stop Corypheus, an ancient darkspawn, who opened the Breach in the course of his attempt to conquer Thedas and achieve godhood.


This was a Day-One patch that nobody has any notes on. If I ever find any info on it I’ll update this page. Increased the duration final slides in Trespasser are displayed. Improved stability. Fixed an issue that reduced the damage of Explosive Shot. Fixed an issue where auto-level selected certain hidden abilities. Fixed an issue that caused the Horn of Valor effect to not apply when granted via an item. Fixed an issue with Shokra-taar and Antaam-saar armors for Iron Bull. Fixed an issue that prevented a quest item from dropping in Trespasser when using Spirit Mark on a specific enemy.

Dragon Age Inquisition – Jerk Inquisitor